MorningPortrait #2 August 10, 2013 (stand in)

MorningPortrait #2 (stand in)

So day two of MorningPortrait didn’t go so well…
Here in Minot, ND, where I am currently living, there was a music festival, Why Not Minot, going on over the weekend, So of course I had to go see some live tunes, and one thing (a beer) led to another thing (more beer and whiskey) which led to me laying in bed with a headache until 15 minutes before I had to leave for work. Needless to say I didn’t make it out for a MorningPortrait. Being I didn’t have you all to throw tomatoes at me for slacking, I had to dose out the tough love myself. Luckily l wrangled up this photo of the action from a passerby that happened to document the lashing.

P.S. Check out this band from the festival. ————> <————- Their greatness was definitely part of the reason I was forced to stick around for more beers. Also, the girls voice will melt the souls of your shoes to the floor… PUN!


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