MorningPortrait #5 August 13, 2013

MorningPortrait #5 August 13, 2013

Remember what I said about the possibility of a real doozie? Well here you go.
I spotted my victim from the opposite side of the street, took a quick test shot, and got everything dialed in… Now ready, I walked across the street to bait my target. She agreed to the photo, and I shot without taking into account that I had just trounced into the shadowed side of the street. I ended up with what you see on the left.
Now, I never really said anything about no editing being allowed, (after all editing is part of the craft, even when we are talking about analogue ie: the dark room) but I feel that it was more or less implied that I wouldn’t really mess with anything that could have been done in camera, and this absolutely could have been done better in camera.

All that being said I really don’t want to post garbage. So I had to bring the exposure up to make the photo acceptable, but in the name of transparency, we have the virgin photo left, and the edit on the right.

I also may have experienced a moment of weakness where I considered throwing out the first photo and pursuing another stranger altogether…




2 comments on “MorningPortrait #5 August 13, 2013

  1. This is my favorite so far.

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