MorningPortrait #7 August 15, 2013

MorningPortrait #7 August 15, 2013

Here we are, number 7! And it’s official, I think I have messed up more of these than I have had success with… If you look closely the focus is slightly out in front of my two models here… Who would have known this one shot thing would have been so damn hard. Someday I will be a real photographer. Sigh…

In my defense here, I knew that vicious pup their wouldn’t hold his pose for long. So on top of the usual rushed feeling you get when interrupting someone’s morning to photograph them in their unkempt morning state of being, rufus threw me into a panic to get the shot right now.

Being unsatisfied yet again, on my way to coffee I spotted someone I could not pass up. I parked my truck, jumped out, and literally chased this guy down the street in a stealth mode half run, half speed walk, ready to look like I was minding my own business if he decided to turn around.

Once I got his attention and convinced him I wasn’t trying to sell him anything, he was actually the first person that was excited to have his photo taken. I know, I never thought it would happen either. So I took a couple shots, and here we are.



3 comments on “MorningPortrait #7 August 15, 2013

  1. giorgethomas says:

    This made me so sad! I’ve just lost my little Chihuahua (lost as in, gone to a better place, though he might disagree as am sure he’s not getting nearly as much food in doggy heaven as he did at home) and pictures like this just remind me how much I miss him!

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