MorningPortrait #10 August 18, 2013


Day three of MorningPortrait back in my tiny home town and I ended up taking a photo of someone I knew, Mrs. Girard, my high school geometry teacher.

I have to commend Mrs. Girard for being such a trooper. Out of everyone I have photographed so far I think she takes the cake for being the most uncomfortable yet. Yes … I may have cheated a bit here, yes. I don’t know she would have done this for random camera toting guy, sporting the disheveled, just rolled out of bed look, I tend to rock for this project. But hey! the discomfort factor was still front and center and that counts for something right?

Now for something I have been meaning to do for a while. I will be preparing the MorningPortrait posts and scheduling them to be posted at a regular time each day. I’m thinking 1200 Mountain. … this gives me some fudge time each morning in the very, VERY unlikely case that I ever fall a bit behind schedule 😉

That will be all. … and to all a good night.



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