MorningPortrait #11 August 19, 2013


So here we have the MorningPortrait that almost never happened…. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I have a new schedule with work, no schedule at all, on call 24/7.

So on this day I was talked into going out to the lake instead of doing my days blogging duties, for some jet skiing and wake boarding! While at the lake I was called to work in Williston, ND, the very heart of the modern day wild west, that is the Bakken oil boom.

Very literally, on my way in the door to work, I spotted this guy standing next door at the Amtrak station. So I quickly ran over and got his portrait just before his ride rolled up. He had just gotten in from California in pursuit of the no experience needed, 100k a year, black gold good life.

Super stoked to have snagged this shot, as it is exactly what I have been wanting to capture in this area. A life packed into a couple small packages, and no idea what is to come next, other than hopefully, the means to a better situation in life. A parallel to my own journey, and reason for being where I am today.


For a more in depth look at what’s going on over here in the Bakken, I met some people having coffee the other day who are doing an awesome project on the area. I highly recommend following what they are up to on their blog, The Oil Men.


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