Morning Portrait #12 – August 20th, 2013


So here in Williston I am staying in a hotel that practically shares a parking lot with wal-mart, which is a pretty awesome for the project. There’s always healthy potential for stranger nagging plus you can find all walks here, more so than your average wal-mart due to Williston’s lack of all things outside of the oil industry, it’s great.

On the other side of the truck stand my initial targets who, in a finish each others’ sentences fashion, declined my request and simultaneously pawned the duty on this guy, by saying, ‘Nahhh you don’t want our photo, we don’t look good for photos,’ as they, in a nervous tough guy way, readjusted their hats and pushed at their hair. “but hey! He pays a hundred bucks for a pair of jeans, go take his photo.” Funny, I thought, jabbing at him for his supposed vanity as they were too worried about their appearance to have a photo taken.

I have actually been surprised a few times now by gruff looking oil workers  who don’t want their photo taken because they are in their dirty work clothes, but have suggested it would be fine if they weren’t just getting off work and maybe had a chance to shower.


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