MorningPortrait #20 – August 29, 2013


A stop by the old weekend, skateboarding, stomping grounds.


MorningPortrait #19 – August 28, 2013

MorningPortrait #19 - August 28, 2013

Yeaaahhh … definitely cheated on this one, not a stranger but my beautiful girlfriend Kyla! The stars aligned, the moon was blue, and we miraculously had a day off together. She is also a temporary railroader pursuing the creative life, so her schedule being equally as hectic as mine, makes shared days off few and far between.

Out for coffee and after careful seat selection we were sitting in the best coffee light available. Big window light right, acting as key, and bouncing off the neighbor table adding a little warmth from below. Hair light coming from the window in back, also working double time, bouncing off the wall as fill. After catching this I decided I liked it too much to not use, and wouldn’t bother stalking a stranger before the harsh mid day light set in. Can you blame me? 😉

Oh, and be sure to check out Kyla’s blog, Riding on Rail Cars – Slave to an Age-Old Trade.

MorningPortrait #18 – August 26, 2013


After being shut down a record number of times since starting this project, I ran into the “Ice Cold Ryders” the motorcycle gang that has a club house right below my apartment. Going against the biker gang stereotype, they all seem to be super nice guys, and more than one was happy to help me out. Out of the couple guys I shot this was my favorite one …. yeah, even with the sloppy framing.

MorningPortrait #16 – August 24, 2013


This one was almost too easy. I walked out the door of the coffee shop I frequent in Williston while working on the blog, and this gentleman here, happens to be sitting on the bench right outside the door. I popped off my lens cap, said hello, and even tricked him into looking at the blog on his phone as I set up the shot, two birds with one stone.

New project a brewin – extended.

Here it is!!! dun dundunnnnnnnnnnn. …. a day later than promised :/

MorningPortraits, the idea evolved (8 months later) from a pitiful failure of a New Years resolution, which entailed setting up the strobes, and umbrellas to light a portrait every day. Not having a studio to keep everything ready to go in posed a challenge I couldn’t find the time to conquer.

Still wanting to do something to push my lighting skills forward and being in Williston, a town literally overflowing with people, the place was built to accommodate 12,000 it has ballooned to apprx. 50,000, according to the people that make such estimates. Among the newcomers, I dare to suspect, I am not the only determined dreamer, called here by the opportunity to engineer a bridge to higher ground.

So, after shooting my friend at the Amtrak station who just got in from California, and not hearing enough of his story I decided that it is a must for to properly meet some of these strangers around here and find the time to hear their story fully and hopefully make a good photo to go with the story.

The idea of taking on more right now is definitely daunting, considering I have yet to take todays MorningPortrait, which at the moment has to be shot in the evening due to yet another new schedule, and the above three paragraphs just took me a good half hour to write or better because, #1 -My brain is currently fried, I have yet to sleep after working 10pm to 10am, (which I will be doing again in 8 hours) and #2. I never paid any attention in English class, so every comma I place is a decision based entirely on intuition, which seems to work well enough, but it definitely makes for PLENTY of revising.

With that we will will see what is to come I guess.