MorningPortrait #22 – August 31, 2013



One from the depths of the 10pm to 10am work schedule, a big contributor to my falling way behind with the posts. Once I get caught up I will try to make the stories a little more interesting again.


MorningPortrait #9 August 17, 2013

MorningPortrait #9 August 17, 2013

Day two of catching strangers outside the door to my motel room.

This is Ron, he and his wife are on their way back to southern Florida mid round trip to Alaska…. wow. If that doesn’t already tell you that they are the real deal, take a look at the sticker on his windscreen.


He also told me of a time they rode through Yellowstone in 19 degree weather. He said they were decked out in every piece of cold weather gear they owned, but he still had a serious struggle dismounting his trusty steed because his kneecaps seemed to have been frozen. Nothing a prolonged coffee break couldn’t take care of though.

Good luck with the rest of the trip Ron, hope the weather treats you nicely, but if not, I’m sure you’ve got it handled.

P.S. Don’t ask me what I was thinking framing this one up … I don’t have an answer.