Danke schön Deutschland!

For the last couple days views from Germany have been leading the stat board. Special thanks to you German friend!Image

I raise my Breze to you and hope to see you soon, January 2014 possibly!


Left Boy – Throw back to my Deustcher days.

Found this guy whilst over in Germany as you may have gathered. Can’t say the lyrics are life changing, (give him a break English is his second language!) but without question the guy knows how to create interesting visuals with beats to match. To top it all off, he’s got the shameless self promotion dialed. I like it. If you want to get something done there’s no better way than with your own elbow grease.

Hopefully this was just enough to leave you wanting, in which case, I suggest Outro for all of you really hankering to get knee deep in over the top, Left Boy visuals.